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Bakke Buildings 

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Bakke Buildings is a small company designed to supply and erect top quality buildings. We are able to achieve a higher standard of quality by only hiring crews that stemmed from within Bakke Contracting. We are currently running two crews and feel the quality of labour is well above industry standard. There is over 60 years experience between the 9 young men who make up the two crews. Both Bakke Contracting and Brooker Contracting build each building with absolute perfection in mind. We operate on the goal of having 100 percent customer satisfaction, and will do everything within our power to maintain this comfort that customers have come to rely on with Bakke Buildings. Our buildings are designed with the best material and engineering to withstand strong prairie winds, there built straight and stay straight.  Bakke Buildings is not your typical post frame company, we specialize in all aspects of the ag and commercial industry. 



With Bakke Contracting's extensive experience in the building industry we are able to specialize in building perfectly straight large scale buildings.

All post frame buildings supplied by Bakke Buildings have these features:


  • 2x6 wall strapping 24 inches o/c

  • 2x6 roof strapping 24 inches o/c

  • 4 ply 2x6 and 2x8 laminated posts 4ft o/c.

  • Corner bracing

  • End walls with bifolds sheeted with 24x8x5/8 osb 

  • Roof system is fastened to building by removing part of one ply off posts and placing truss in its place. Truss is then nailed and then screwed into place to prevent separation

  • Wind bracing is installed on bottom cord of truss spanning all 4 sides of building.

  • Posts have 5ft or 7ft of burial with crushed rock filled and tamped around and beneath them

  • Machinery sheds

  • Riding Arenas

  • Chicken, pig and dairy barns

  • Grain storage

  • Hay shelters

  • Cattle shelters

  • Commercial buildings

  • Heated shops

  • Concrete

  • Steel Buildings

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